Teresa was my rock!

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Teresa was my rock!

“Teresa is an absolutely incredible doula and birth supporter!!! I am beyond grateful for the incredible support she provided both my husband and I during the labour of our daughter. After having a less than ideal birth experience with my son, I knew I wanted a home birth, but I also knew that my husband and I could not achieve this goal without support. I first heard about Teresa as she came highly recommended by my midwives, who had first hand experience seeing her in action. Teresa was a wonderful support during my pregnancy as she was always available by phone or email to answer any questions I had about both pregnancy and labour. She never told me what she thought I should do, but rather provided the pros and cons to any inquiry I had, so that I could use that information to make an informed decision about what was best for me and my family. She also came to my house for prenatal educational classes which further helped prepare my husband and I for birth and erased any fears that we might have had. Teresa is extremely knowledgeable and professional as she comes with a vast resource of information and experience, which ultimately increased our confidence with my impending birth. When the time came for my labour, Teresa responded to my call in the middle of the night, and arrived at my home when I needed her. Having an unmedicated home birth was very intense, and many times I doubted my strength and capabilities, but Teresa was my rock. She supported me when I needed it most. She provided me with physical support to help me cope with each contraction. She would suggest different positions or activities to do during contractions which made the intensity more bearable. At other times she was there as an emotional support, and for me, just knowing I wasn’t alone and had someone who understood what I was going through, was what I really needed to persevere. In the end, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, 9lbs 3oz in the comfort of my own home; my home birth no longer was a dream but a reality! I honestly cannot thank Teresa enough for her emotional, physical and mental support. I truly think my home birth would not have happened, if it were not for her. There really are no words to describe how incredible this woman truly is, all I know is that I am forever grateful and know that having her as my doula was by far one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything Teresa!!! ” -Mother


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