The #luvmabump campaign was born out of a desire to spread some love and encouragement to ALL expectant mothers regardless of age, nationality or life circumstances.


To see expectant moms holding their head high and being proud of their baby bump because it is a symbol of new life and hope for the next generation. I want women to love and respect their bodies — stretch marks and all — every step along this life altering journey, so that when faced with labour they are already confident of what their body can do.



Want to spread some love and encouragement to pregnant women everywhere?  Post a new or old photo of your baby bump and tag it #luvmabump  Show the world that the pregnant belly is a beautiful thing and that it should be celebrated!


The full story

Bump-pic-greenThis is a picture of me when I was 4 months pregnant. Never has this picture been posted before, nor has anyone outside my family ever seen it. I loved “being” pregnant but was always extremely self-conscious of my baby bump. Why? Because I am a larger woman and my stomach is always something that I try to hide. I am sure 90% of that belly in the picture has nothing to do with baby, but it doesn’t matter. This picture was taken 19 years ago and I am choosing right NOW to love and appreciate what that bump means. It means an adorable baby girl will enter the world and will grow up to bless this world with her kind heart and her beautiful voice. It means that she will likely grow up to be a caring women, get married and someday and have a special baby bump of her own. I made that life! Not only did I make that one but I went on to have 3 more children after her. And to think that it is only recently that I decided to love my belly and the good work it did growing my babies.

Women often love the baby they are carrying but don’t like the body that is carrying it. It may be low self-esteem, obesity, abuse, illness… For others the bump represents shame and embarrassment because the pregnancy was not planned. I have worked with many teen moms who want to get excited and prepare for baby but come face to face with judgmental people and their negative comments. Here’s a thought, now that they ARE pregnant and going to have a baby what if we stopped focusing on “What were you thinking?” and redirect that energy to “Love this journey because it will change your life!” What would happen then? If we ALL viewed the pregnant belly as something that should be celebrated, rather than picking apart the conception details, I believe that we would have a whole generation of women, both young and old, that feel excited and encouraged for the next adventure on their journey. Motherhood.

Have a story you would like to share? Drop me a line, I would love to hear it.

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