Labour Doula Services

What is a DOULA?

Doula, labour coach, childbirth assistant… all these terms refer to the same thing: a person who is knowledgeable in birth and who will offer emotional and physical support to both the mother and her partner throughout the entire labour experience.


A doula WILL:

  • support hospital or home births
  • help prepare a personalized birth plan
  • keep the lines of communication open with the health care providers to ensure that the couple can make informed decisions
  • arrive prepared to offer physical and emotional support
  • suggest possible position changes in labour
  • model breathing techniques
  • provide practical breastfeeding support following the birth


A doula WILL NOT:

  • replace the partner or other support person
  • perform clinical tasks or deliver the baby
  • make decisions for the labouring woman or her partner


Why should I have a doula?

Studies* have conclusively shown that when a doula is present at a birth:

  • overall labour tends to be shorter
  • the mother’s ability to cope is greatly improved
  • fewer medical interventions are required
  • decreased use of artificial oxytocin to speed labour
  • reduced use of forceps and vacuum extraction
  • decreased chances of having a cesarean section
  • the instances of postpartum depression are reduced
  • the entire childbirth experience tends to be positive, more satisfying, and less stressful for both the mother and her partner

*”Mothering the Mother”, Klaus, Kennell & Klaus


Cost for Services:

Meet the doula:

  • 1 hour, no-obligation consultation to see if this doula is the right fit for you and your situation

Cost: FREE!

Labour doula services include:

  • 1-2 home visits prior to the expected due date to discuss your desires and concerns with your pending labour (2-3 hours)
  • help you create a birth plan (if desired)
  • early labour support in your home
  • continuous labour support, once active labour has begun, until 1-2 hours after the baby is born
  • 24 hour e-mail support
  • 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM phone support
  • on call 24/7 for 2 weeks prior to your due date and up to 2 weeks after delivery

Cost: $1050

*Travel fees may apply for down town Toronto residents

(All prices subject to HST)

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Who needs a doula?

It is a common misconception that only those experiencing a first time delivery or couples desiring a ‘natural’ unmedicated childbirth seek help from a doula.  In actuality doulas can be a huge asset to both mother and partner in a variety of birth situations, such as mothers who:

  • have strong feelings/wishes for their delivery
  • have experienced disappointing events in previous births
  • plan on having a medicated or surgical birth
  • desire a vaginal birth after a previous cesarean birth
  • are planning to give birth at home with a midwife
  • are single and looking for reliable support
  • have a high risk pregnancy
  • desire an unmedicated birth experience


Does the doula take the place of my partner ? 

The doula can actually enhance the birth experience for the partner, by helping them better meet the needs of the mother. We “coach the coach” and allow the partner to participate at their own comfort level.


Can I have a doula if I have a midwife?

YES! Although we share much of our philosophies we have very different roles. A midwife is definitely comforting and supportive; however, like an obstetrician, they are the primary health care provider and have a great deal of clinical responsibilities. A doula will generally arrive before a midwife to provide emotional and physical support before the clinical support is needed and will continue for the entire delivery.


When should I arrange to hire a doula ? 

The earlier the better. The more the doula gets to know you and your partner, the better she can support your needs and you can benefit from her experience. However, sometimes that is not possible, so most doulas will try to be available last minute if needed.


What happens if I have a c-section? 

A doula will continue to support you and your family all the way through. For most mothers, having a c-section can be very scary, yet having someone with experience to prepare you for what to expect can make having a c-section a positive birth experience.