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Teresa Maskery  ECE,CCCE,CLD,CPD


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a mother. When I was a child and my friends would say they were going to be a teacher or ballerina when they grew up, I used to say “I am going to be a mom!” While waiting for motherhood to find me I decided to pursue an education in Early Childhood Education. I trained and worked in this field for six years until the birth of my first daughter in 1998. In 2000 I gave birth to my 2nd daughter very unexpectedly on the kitchen floor with my husband filling in as my midwife. No Joke! It was slightly chaotic but it made me realize that my body was designed for birth. In 2003 we decided to try the organized home birth with a midwife present and it was this birth—the birth of my first son—that sparked a passion for labour and delivery and began to shape a vision for my current line of work as a Doula. In 2004, I gave birth to my youngest son. Although I was excited to experience another homebirth, he had other plans and needed to be delivered by way of C-Section. Birth can be unpredictable sometimes. It wasn’t long after knowing I was finished having babies that I realized just how much I respected the birth process. I made the decision to train as a childbirth educator and labour/postpartum doula because I saw there was a need, a need for people to understand and experience labour and delivery rather than simply find a way to deal with the pain. My desire is to travel with you on your journey through pregnancy, delivery and early parenting so you can enjoy and thrive in each step along the way.