Birthing the Healer Within

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So thrilled to help promote this powerful soul retreat for women struggling with infertility. It is called ‘Birthing the healer within’ taking place Nov. 8-10.

This retreat will appeal to you if:

  • You are grieving a pregnancy loss or are feeling frustrated trying to get pregnant.
  • You are undergoing fertility testing or treatments and are looking for ways to complement medical protocols and bring balance to your healing.
  • You would find comfort in spending time with a community of sisters and hearing their stories.
  • You’re yearning for moments of solitude, craving healthy food, needing self-care, and wanting time for reflection.
  • You would like to be more kind and loving toward your own body.
  • You would like to rediscover your inner wisdom and joy.
  • You would like to bring balance to your body, mind, and spirit.

Check out their site for full information.
Birthing the Healer Within

Help spread the word and bring healing to a painful situation.

Birthing the Healer Within

November 8, 2013 @ 5:00 pm – November 10, 2013 @ 2:00 pm
From $395
Louise 888-326-7326E-mailEvent website

Discover the fertile ground hiding in the pain of infertility.

Experiencing infertility in any form can leave you feeling disenchanted with your body, disconnected from nature and detached from other women and the Divine feminine. Quite suddenly you’re thrust into the world of doctors and frequent medical appointments. In the search for answers you endure invasive tests which often prompt you to leave your body if only for a moment.  With a silent prayer of hope in your heart you’re either, drowning in too much information, or worse, too little.  It’s a journey with heartache, fear, and frustration as your travel companions.  It can leave you feeling isolated and broken in a world that seems full of pregnant bellies and beautiful babies.

This retreat is a chance to spend time in a sacred space and to experience the restorative power of nature.  It invites you to come home to your body and remember she is an ally.  Over the course of the weekend you will feed your body, mind and spirit with nourishing food, joyful movement, rhythmic drumming and dynamic self-expression. It is an opportunity to share stories with sisters on a similar journey and to find hope and healing in community.  It calls you to reconnect with your Sacred Healer.

This soulful retreat will appeal to you if:

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